WordPress Maintenance Services

Our Engineers are among the best developers in the WordPress ecosystem, and all of our expert minds and pool of experience is available to you with our industry leading suite of website services.

Constant website maintenance is essential to keep it functional and up-to-date.




Troubleshooting Issues With Your WordPress Site

Sometimes your WordPress site will develop problems. These could be severe, such as if your site is hacked or an update breaks the site. Or they could be minor common WordPress errors, such as broken links or images not properly loading.

Update WordPress

WordPress is quickly growing and expanding as more features and functions are included and perfected. It is recommended that you check in with WordPress for updates and upgrades at least every one week, one months at the most.

Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure

To avoid hacks and other security breaches, it’s essential to keep your WordPress site secure.

Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness

We audit sites on passing Google’s mobile-friendly test and make improvements towards having all pages responsive across current browsers and screen sizes

Speed optimization

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Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated

Another essential aspect of maintaining your WordPress site is to keep it up to date. This includes regularly updating themes and plugins as well as WordPress itself.

Security fully managed

We make sure your website is as close to 100% secure as humanly possible with our thoroughly tested proprietary site security configurations.

Plugin, theme & core file updates

Your plugins, themes, and core files are updated weekly and included in weekly reports to make sure your WordPress maintenance services run smoothly.

Malware Removal

We fully clean out malware and other malicious activity on websites under our care. Our WordPress Malware removal service is included in Perform and above plans.